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Securing  and Enhancing Global Communications

Video Technology Solutions

IP-based video is transforming the business environment in a number of ways, enabling organizations to take advantage of the time and cost savings of videoconferencing, video-based training, and more. Bellacom has extensive experience in the design and implementation of affordable, high-quality IP-based video solutions that help organizations improve productivity, reduce costs and benefit the environment.

It all begins with an assessment of your wired and wireless network infrastructure to ensure seamless support for video applications. Our engineers then deploy the latest high-definition videoconferencing solutions that deliver a lifelike telepresence experience along with the ability to share documents and multimedia presentations. Our broad geographic footprint and strong partnerships enable us to implement video solutions anywhere in the world.

What is VoIP

VoIP is the transmission of voice communications via standards-based Internet Protocol (IP) - or more simply, data networks - rather than over standard phone lines.In addition, deployment, maintenance, and operating costs are much lower than standard PBX-based systems. The handsets look just like regular telephones and the learning curve is very low for most users.