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In every organization, there are people who get technology. And people who don't. This is where Bellacom comes in. We've been helping people who get it in large and small organizations to get not just the most, but the best from their technology investments for more than 6years. 
Bellacom delivers proven solutions across America every single day – advice, support, ideas, technology and the experience of hundred of experts.

We've got a solution for you.

Networking. Solved.

Bellacom will always be the place you go to get the technology you need,configured the way you need it. Today,this is a bigger benefit than ever.

Every day, in every state, in every conceivable kind of business, Bellacom is helping people who get technology get mobile.We’re breaking down boundaries,getting people what they need,when they need it.

Security. Solved.

The more we learn about how to protect networks, the more hackers learn how to penetrate them.

Designing and implementing the optimal security solution for your company is vital.  Tailoring a defense plan specific to your needs is key to navigating today’s gauntlet of security threats.

Unified Communications. Solved.

How do you bring all your platforms together? How do you get the voicemail on your phone system to play on the handheld devices of your mobile workforce? How do you get legacy systems to distribute information to the latest smart phone? How do you make a network that was built over time or through acquisitions and mergers to behave like one consistent, seamless network?These are the kinds of problems Bellacom experts help solve each and every day.

Experience in improving Healthcare-Decision
with Health IT

    intergrating Technology

Theory ,Research and practice