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Enhance campus connectivity, productivity and security for a rewarding and captivating experience that reaches beyond a classroom’s barriers.
Federal Government
Bring mobility to your governmental enterprise with the next level of video security, voice and data technology, healthcare technology and broadband.
State, Local and Provincial Government
With solutions that improve operations, better allocate resources and integrate voice and data, responders and the community are always the priority.
With mobility, medical staff can increase productivity, streamline patient services, locate equipment quickly and administer medication accurately.
Equip your staff with mobile devices and they can provide superior service on a consistent basis.
Mobility solutions provide access to information in real time and help automate operations, from the warehouse floor to product delivery.
Reliable communications and rugged mobile devices are the critical components for plant-wide productivity, asset management and situational awareness.
Transportation and Logistics
Whether by air, ground or sea, specialized technology designed for each logistical category accelerates productivity, profitability and operations.