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What Is Data Archiving?

Data archiving is the systematic approach to storing, managing and searching for files, e-mails, instant messages and other application data. Archiving provides a single-instance store of data in a central storage device, allowing you to free up disk space by eliminating duplicate files.
Archiving lets you define data retention policies for various data and users. Such policies ensure the proper storage of data and deletion when no longer needed. Data archiving enables users to perform advanced searches. For example, e-mails or instant messages can be searched and flagged for legal review during an e-discovery process, or prevented from being altered.

  • Duplicates of Duplicates of Duplicates. Solved.
    Deduplication and archiving can improve your environment and save you money.

  • How Will Data Archiving Solutions Benefit My Business?
    Archiving solutions can help you to:
    • Provide structure to unstructured data
    • Automate storage and data life cycle
    • Simplify backup and reduce recovery windows
    • Reduce total cost of data storage
    • Comply with data retention policies and regulations