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  • What Comprises a Data Loss Prevention Solution?

    An effective data loss prevention solution consists of a mix of the following components:
  • Encryption
    Encryption describes an algorithm used to jumble data in transit or stored on devices rendering it useless for those attempting to access without an encryption key. Encryption prevents lost or stolen data from being viewed or used by non-authorized individuals.

    Encryption can be used with a wide array of devices including desktops, laptops, networked systems, mobile devices, removable media and storage devices.
  • Data Leakage Products
    Data leakage products help monitor, manage and protect data to minimize the risks of data loss and ensure compliance with security policies. These tools help classify data and monitor, report, or restrict data from being printed, e-mailed, or copied. Data is protected regardless of where the data resides even if the file type is changed.
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