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Network Engineering experience includes:

  • Network protocols and standards
  • Network design through implementation 
  • Cisco IOS, Juniper ,Aruba,Siemens,Avaya
  • Configuring multi-vendor network equipment
  • Network test gear and testing network equipment  
  • Configuring NAT and Routing Protocols
  • Ethernet trunking and configuring ethernet VLANs
  • WAN/LAN, monitoring and Tier I, II & III troubleshooting

Systems Engineering, Integration and Administration experience includes:

  • System architecture and Requirements analysis
  • Process evaluation and implementation
  • System performance analysis
  • UNIX, including Red Hat Linux, Windows
  • Agile methods
  • VMware, SAN, back-up and recovery
  • Mission management systems 
    Hardware and software configuration management

As a key integrator for various Federal programs, Bellacom's Advanced Solutions continually demonstrates our ability to lead technology driven tasks with quality, commitment and integrity for all of our DoD and Intel customers. Bellacom utilizes commercial best practices and optimizes the use of COTS and FOSS in government-sponsored infrastructure and when transitioning to service oriented architectures, as feasible. 

We have aptly qualified engineers and support staff to perform immediate notice QRC deployments. Many of our IT practitioners hold coveted certifications in networking (i.e. Cisco, CompTIA, Juniper), Information Assurance (CISSP, digital forensics, Certified Ethical Hacker) and program management (PMI).  Proficient in leading edge technology applications for both commercial and government clients, our staff engineers and analysts skillfully design scalable and adaptive solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s unique and exacting mission requirements.