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Your Challenge
Periodic backups alone just don’t meet today’s demanding needs. Companies need continuous data protection for critical information and applications to complement backup for better data protection in their data centers and remote offices. How can you more quickly and easily get data and backups off-site for disaster recovery or migrate from physical to virtual servers to reduce IT costs and simplify management?

Don’t compromise! Why should you have to manually re-create files and re-enter database transactions, and in a worse case, lose critical data not protected during periodic backups and snapshots? Why should you have to perform costly, risky and time-consuming physical media transport for off-site disaster recovery? Why should you have to build virtual servers from scratch to migrate from physical to virtual servers?

Enterprise-Wide Data Protection
Bellacom partners with industry recognised solutions to deliver the best solutions that fit your environment, Software that eases the copying of your data and backups between servers, storage devices and locations including the cloud, for server migration and disaster recovery. It delivers continuous data protection to complement your existing backup and helps ensure that your data is quickly recoverable and always available. Whether you are running physical or virtual servers, using Windows, Linux or UNIX, and have data stored on various devices such as direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs) in your data centers and remote offices, Bellacom will work with your staff to provide a solution that protects it all and helps you improve your agility, flexibility, security and control. Bellacom professional ease and speed physical-to-virtual (P2V) server migration, too!