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Ryan Moore
How do we measure good computer repair service? Knowledge, competence, reliability and professionals with a smile. That is our experience with Bellacom Technologies. We think they are great.

Kyle Mauders
If you want to deal with a computer service company that listens, responds quickly, is reliable, has friendly employees and, best of all, solves problems, check out this company. That’s what we did and they were great. We’ll call Bellacom again and again.

Jeffery Pasters
The Folks at Bellacom are terrific. They ask the right questions to qualify your problem and they come out the same day immediate callbacks. These people know what they are doing and do it very well.
Evan Werner
My computer wouldn’t work and I called for help. They asked some questions and sent a tech out. He did some testing and installed a new hard drive he had brought. My computer works great and the price was reasonable. This company was reputable and I recommend Bellacom to anyone in need of computer support

Doug Harris
Am I glad that Bellacom can do a laptop repair! Mine was out of warrantee and I needed to take it for a meeting out of town. Rather than having to borrow one, I called these guys and they got my laptop working. They replaced a part and I was good to go. Anybody with a laptop on the fritz should try them

Jessica Jahnson
I always thought computer support meant a department in your company. Not so. When we could not get our printer to work with some of the PCs, we followed a friend’s advice and called Bellacom. The technician figured out what was wrong, and we were up and running again the same day. What they charged seemed reasonable and we will call Bellacom again if we get into another jam.