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Here at Network Solutions, support is our main focus. That is why we give you numerous ways to get in touch with us and why we have developed many tools to help us handle your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, you may have a problem that is something we see very often.

Many times, when we see a common issue, we will create a page on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) portion of our site.

If your issue is one that doesn’t require immediate assistance from a technician, you might consider submitting a ticket using our online trouble ticket system. This system will email our technicians details about your problems and give them contact information they need to get in touch with you for resolving your issue. Many times, our technicians can resolve your issue without even calling you – in which case you will receive an automated update of our progress regarding your ticket.

Some problems require immediate assistance, and that is why we have extended support hours (open until 9:00 pm Central Time daily), contact numbers, and published email addresses which allow you to get in touch with just the person you need.

Many times our technicians can talk your through resolving an issue over the phone, but sometimes they need to look at your computer to get all of the details of your problem. For that, we have developed our Bellacom tool. Bellacom lets us quickly connect to your computer so that we can do a “hands on” evaluation of your system.


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