WiFi Designs and Site Surveys

WiFi Designs and Site Surveys

Whether you employ Cisco wireless infrastructure or Motorola’s Symbol wireless infrastructure , Aruba , Rukus, Xirrus, Extreeme Bellacom will help optimize your wireless network . A wireless site survey is the key to planning and implementing a successful wireless network installation. Determining the correct quantity of wireless access points and their respective mounting locations are actually the simplest tasks accomplished during a wireless site survey. Bellacom specializes in performing RF site surveys and it’s important to note that Bellacom goes well beyond the “typical” wireless site survey process.We employ unique equipment that will measure for sources of existing EMI (interference) that can cause hidden problems for a wireless LAN . Our wireless site surveys take into account both voice (VoIP) and data communications over the planned wireless LAN . Transmission rates, throughput utilization, and wireless channel assignments are all key elements considered and documented during a Bellacom wireless site survey .The Bellacom differenceIn addition to the scientific data gathered at each site, prior site survey experiences and creative techniques are used during each wireless site survey. This mix ensures that each new installation gets the best combination of antennas and related equipment that will maximize our client’s investment and minimize installation effort and cost. Once a wireless site survey is complete, a written report is provided for the client’s internal use and permanent record. Any wiring installer or maintenance technician can use this report as a guide during the installation process. As a value-added service, Bellacom offers turnkey wiring installation from our certified network contractors, providing immediate wireless and wired network testing before the installation is considered complete.Bottom Line: With a wireless site survey from Bellacom, your project will be successful.



We’ll perform assessments and health checks on your network,lead strategy briefings and design customized solution roadmaps.


We’ll work with you on strategy development and the architectural design of your networking systems.

Then we’ll provide proof of concepts and deployment planning.


We ensure a smooth implementation through pilot and production by offering aggregation services,

pre-ship configur-ing, and admin and end-user training.


We offer hosted environments, hosted managed services and remote managed services.

We can also assist with cloud migration or provide managed services for a public cloud.


Bellacom is North America‘s leading Wireless Site Survey company for Enterprise-grade WiFi networks. Our WiFi survey work includes Desktop Wireless Survey – designing WiFi networks using software modelling and simulation – through to definitive, on-site WiFi RF Site Surveys for new and existing WiFi network installations.

Bellacom is unique – the only company in the World that trains other IT companies in the essentials of how to perform Wi-Fi site survey

Bellacom conducts wireless site surveys and WiFi network installations for all major Wi-Fi WLAN vendors including Cisco Unified Wireless survey, Aruba wireless, Meru Networks, Ruckus Wireless, Trapeze (Juniper) Networks Wireless LAN survey, Motorola & Symbol wireless, HP ProCurve wireless, Extricom, Colubris, Proxim, Netgear and Linksys wireless survey.

Bellacom has developed industry-leading wireless survey skills and methodologies, and our WLAN survey services are unrivaled. We are called upon by the biggest names for Wireless LAN survey – including Cisco, BT Global, architects, building services companies and many well-known IT companies who contract their on-site Wi-Fi Survey .

We provide the complete range of WiFi survey services to organizations planning to implement mission-critical Wi-Fi wireless LANs. We deliver Wi-Fi site survey for Voice over WLAN (Wireless VoIP), warehouse barcode scanning, and WiFi wireless location tracking and positioning (survey for WiFi RFID).


Bellacom’s WLAN site survey services include:

Visual Wireless Site Survey and Quotation for New Wireless Network
Visual Wireless Survey, Wireless Network Design and Report
“Remote” or “Desktop” Wireless Survey – Wireless Network Planning and Design using sophisticated RF Modelling and Simulation
Full RF Site Survey – Wireless Network Planning and Design followed by
On-site Survey using wireless Access Points placed temporarily in-situ
WiFi Site Survey and Audit – Existing Wireless Network
Wi-Fi Network Analysis and Troubleshooting Survey
Wireless Security Audit
RF Spectrum Analysis.
Our prestigious client list provides an indication of LEVER’s unrivalled experience and expertise in wireless networking – one of LEVER’s core business competencies.

We employ an extensive range of tools, including:

Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS)
Aruba, Motorola, Trapeze and Meru planning tools
Ekahau Site Survey
AirMagnet Planner and Surveyor
Motorola LAN Planner
WildPackets OmniPeek WiFi network analysis
Wireshark wireless packet capture
RF Spectrum Analysers from several vendors
Proprietary Wireless Security Auditing tools
802.11n enteprise-grade access points from multiple vendors
A wide range of WLAN antennas
Mesh wireless network products from multiple vendors
Specialist RF cabling equipment.

Bellacom delivers Industry-leading WiFi network Planning, Design, Survey and Reporting services – including full on-site Active and Passive WiFi site survey, Virtual and Remote wireless surveys for Wi-Fi Wireless LANs, and wireless network Modelling and Simulation for Wi-Fi networks using state-of-the-art WLAN modelling software.

Our wireless network installation surveys include tasks such as RF Spectrum Analysis, Detection of Interference in WiFi networks, Identifying the Source of Radio Interference, offering Advice on how to deal with Interference in Wi-Fi wireless networks,Eliminating the Effects of Interference on WiFi networks, and much more.

Bellacom’s additional wireless network installation surveys include:

Wireless network Planning and Design
Wireless Site Survey
Wireless network Installation
Wireless network Security Audit
Wireless network Analysis and Troubleshooting.


Bellacom’s World-leading WiFi RF network surveys include:

Requirement Capture and Specification
Wi-Fi network Plannnig and Design
Software-based modelling and Simulation (Desktop Survey)
On-site RF site survey
Wireless network coverage assessment
Wireless network Troubleshooting, Performance Analysis and Optimisation
Wireless Security Assessment, Auditing and Reporting.


Bellacom’s Industry-leading wireless network health check surveys include:

Wireless Security Analysis and Assessments
Wireless PCI DSS Compliance
Voice over WiFi / Voice over WLAN Readiness Assessment
Wireless Technology and Standards Assessment
Wi-Fi Network Troubleshooting Consultancy
Wireless Risk and Implication – Identification and Assessment
Analysis of Return on Investment (ROI) in Wireless network installations
Wireless Product Evaluation, Short-listing and Selection
Definition of Requirements for New WiFi Networks
Production of WiFi network Design Guides
WiFi network installation Health Checks
Wireless Network Tender Writing
Wireless White Paper development.

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