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Are we safe in the cyberspace?

A survey that was taken amongst governments, companies, and individuals in various countries including United States, Russia and China, has shown that as high as 80% of survey respondents believe that cyberspace hides significant security threats. While most of them feel safe while shopping on E-bay and using their net-banking, almost 70% of the respondents has stated that they feel worried while sharing their identity and personal information on the Internet. And they have a good reason to worry!

The latest Internet Crime report shows the continuation of the increase in cyber crimes with hackers searching for personal information to use for their own advantage.
“Here at Cisco, we are noticing many different signs that criminals are starting to mimic the practices used by successful and legitimate companies to reap revenue and grow. It seems that best practices showed in Fortune magazine and thought at Harvard Business School are starting to find their way into the underground.”
Marie Hattar,
VP, Cisco
The Importance of Network Security

Network security should not be looked at as an option but as a necessity. It is a necessary feature for everyone: from individuals to large-scale enterprises.

Small and medium enterprises are facing critical challenges because their resources are limited and their main priority is their competition rather than the safety of their infrastructure and information. While updated security solutions and protocols can help these businesses to keep their data secure, this is often not the case. With the speed at which the technology is changing, it is difficult for them to stay in the same lane with security. The rise of cloud services and the dawn of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has only increased the importance of having a security solution that is built to protect your infrastructure from attacks that can come from these devices and services.

However, investing in security solutions and keeping them up to date is a great way for companies to protect their information and infrastructure, as well as to lower the possibility of productivity losses caused by downtime.
Is Your Network Secure?

With you reading about network security, chances are that you already have some kind of security solution in your business such as a traditional commercial antivirus or firewall solution. While these solutions have the ability to deal with most threats, they are quickly becoming ineffective as threats become more sophisticated and larger in scale.

In order to effectively deal with these risks, Bellacom provides network security services for small and medium businesses.
Why Cure When You Can Prevent?

Bellacom is a proud owner of Cisco Premier Certification which makes Bellacom one of the leading Cisco Partners and Cisco Security Services providers.

While all Cisco products that we provide to our customers are already fully secured, Bellacom is able to provide network security services to customers that are not using a Cisco platform. We have delivered a wide range of network security solutions all over the US and Canada from small businesses to large enterprises and for a variety of different industries.

Our network security expert will assess your complete infrastructure and provide you with a detailed report on the state of your security, possible security risks and the room for improvement.

If you are worried about the network security in your business, remember: It is always better to prevent than to cure! Contact us now and protect your business.

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