WLAN Manufacturing

The manufacturing environment is a fluid one with many moving parts. Manufacturers are looking hard for new ways to leverage better WiFi technology to make their operations more efficient and to increase the satisfaction of the customers – speeding the delivery of products and services.

Today, manufacturers are using a myriad of wireless devices and applications that can all benefit from a more reliable WiFi network – equipment such as:

  • Automated manufacturing robots
  • VoIP phones and badges
  • Unmanned produce vehicles
  • Wireless printing on production floor
  • Inventory scanners

In manufacturing environments, there’s not always local IT support. So things must be simple and work right the first time. Remote management and administration of factory WiFi devices is essential. Manufacturers are also surrounded with obstructions, obstacles and RF interference that can bring WiFi to its knees. So the WiFi system can’t be simple consumer-grade. It must be purpose built for production.

Patented smart antenna arrays for unmatched range and reliability


PCI-compliant security


Advanced quality of service for picture-perfect multimedia streaming


Simple but sophisticated remote management

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