(IoT) Framework for Health

Enabling situational awareness and intelligence in a connected network
In healthcare, the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling new business paradigms from interacting with patients through wearable or embedded devices, to the digital transformation of a hospital. This transformation offers comprehensive improvements in patient engagement, productivity and risk mitigation, as well as new revenue and operating paradigms.
Hospitals are populated with thousands of systems (e.g., building, medical equipment, clinical, administrative, etc.) and, increasingly, patients with wireless or embedded devices. While these systems traditionally have been standalone, a distributed network of smart healthcare devices, machines and systems is now able to be connected into an orchestrated IoT for health.
BELLACOM’s IoT Framework for Health can assist healthcare providers in structuring their IoT solutions to achieve targeted outcomes and scale to a comprehensive vision. It includes a catalog of workflows, IoT applications and decision support solutions to assist health enterprises in achieving situational awareness—knowing the location and the status of people (staff, patients, etc.) and resources (medical equipment, devices, supplies, etc.)—and situational intelligence, or taking action on that awareness to improve the delivery of care or operations that support care.
Our framework uses ThoughtWire’s Ambiant machine intelligence platform to enable situational awareness and connect to other applications to enhance situational intelligence. A wide range of IoT data sources are connected to the ThoughtWire Ambiant platform, including: medical equipment, sensors, building systems (such as elevators and security cameras), clinical and administrative applications (and provincial systems).
In addition, patients with smartphones, remote devices and increasingly with embedded devices can now be connected to the Ambiant platform. Workflows developed in the Ambiant solution will act upon this wide variety of data sources.