Custom Solutions

Partner with Bellacom to Create a Custom Technology Solution.

Over the last twenty years, our team at Wireless Network Solutions have been passionate about integrating barcode technology into existing business models. Yet we understand that not all businesses recognize the benefits barcode technology can contribute to their existing business structure. Take for instance a UPC barcode. This is the most universally recognized barcode and is most commonly found on items in a retail setting. The 2D barcode, then, is slowly emerging in everyday practices and can be found on the backside of a driver’s license. Our team of skillful specialists will work with you to sort out which type of barcode and software can best serve your business’ needs.

Wireless Network Solutions specializes in integrating handhelds with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end to meet his customer’s needs. Whether it’s a 1D bar code, 2D bar code or RFID technology, we provide a robust and easy-to-use solution based on your specific requirements. The solution we create cannot be purchased off-the-shelf and will exceed the capabilities of standard applications.

Here’s how it works…
1) Identify a challenge your business is facing.
2) Contact
Bellacom to request a customized package.
3) Work with the Bellacom team to create a data collection solution utilizing the right blend of access points, mobile computers, supplies and software tools.
4) Bellacom will provide an outline of the steps and costs to implement the customized solution into your existing business structure.