Networking & Collaboration

Networking & Collaboration

The network infrastructure serves as the foundation for today’s IT environment, enabling the flow of data, applications and cloud services across the enterprise and beyond. FusionStorm can help ensure this critical infrastructure meets today’s business requirements through a high-performance local- and wide-area network architecture. We also engineer robust wireless networks to support the demands of today’s mobile environment.

A wide range of communications and collaboration services, including voice, video and presence-based applications, also travel across the network infrastructure. FusionStorm can help customers take advantage of these technologies to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase flexibility and boost the bottom line.

IP communications platforms are efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain replacements for outmoded PBX technologies. More importantly, the latest IP communications solutions bring increased functionality that better serves today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

FusionStorm’s expertise spans the gamut of communications and collaboration solutions, including:

Our team of expert network engineers and voice specialists can provide your business with a complete IP communications solution from assessment through design, deployment and ongoing support.