WLAN Healthcare

Mobility is a key element for healthcare organizations to meet their quality, productivity and patient safety objectives. The ability to receive actionable clinical information regardless of location and react and communicate in real-time is required for the adoption of EMR/EHR applications. With Ruckus dual-band 802.11n access points, clinicians have a high level of confidence in the reliability and integrity of their critical EMR information, VoIP communications, high-resolution video and medical image delivery.

Wireless mobility gives doctors and nurses better, faster access to patient information from almost anywhere inside a healthcare facility. The promise of enhanced patient care and reduced treatment costs must be achieved within requirements for privacy and security. A wireless system can provide doctors and nurses the ability to be connected anywhere in their hospital with either their laptop, DPA or VoIP Phone.

A VoWLAN (Voice Over Wireless LAN) systems will also speed up the response time to attending patients throughout the hospital. Many of the VoWLAN systems on the market today will integrate with nurse-call systems, providing enhanced features such as a direct call back to a patient’s room or forwarding a call to alternate staff when needed. Healthcare organizations can also design the VoWLAN system to have calls from a patient’s bedside buzzer or room phone go directly to the nurse assigned to that patient for that shift.

With lots of mobile users, large spaces chock-full of nooks and crannies, and a never-ending demand for information, healthcare environments are the ideal candidates for reliable, secure Wi-Fi. It enables fast access to critical electronic patient records, improves communication between staff, supports high-resolution video, and speeds up delivery of medical images. In addition, guest WiFi access can be extended to visitors in lobbies and waiting rooms.

However, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are typically hostile RF environments, with lots of electrical devices, metal, and wireless interference. So vanilla-grade, sickly Wi-Fi just doesn't cut it.

That's why so many healthcare organizations everywhere are turning to Bellacoms' Wireless LAN (WLAN) Design Team.

With Bellacom, healthcare organizations get a simple, yet full-featured wireless solution that enables:

  • Better Wi-Fi coverage with fewer access points
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity to doctors and nurses equipped with Voice over IP (VoIP) badges and phones, PDAs, laptops, and handheld tablet PCs.
  • HIPAA compliance, through standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security
  • Support for electronic medical records (EMR) software, for providing updated patient information, and reducing prescription and treatment errors
  • Time-saving patient scheduling and forms completion, with access to billing and practice management applications from anywhere
  • Less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal technology
  • Central management with simplified network administration
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness

With our affordable program for hospitals, medical clinics, and health systems you can roll-out any vendors' Wi-Fi technology, for a fraction of the cost of deploying competitive 802.11n systems.

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