“Cisco system is thrilled with the partnership that we have with Bellacom Technologies. We found them to be enormously flexible, to be a partner in understanding where we’re going, what our challenges are today and where we needed to go in the future. We’re thrilled with the services that they’ve offered and the quality of the people that they've brought to bear to the partnership.”

Marry Delgasio , Vendor relations,

CRE Secure

“Being in the credit card transaction security business, it is extremely critical that processing not be interrupted. Bellacom Tech's uptime and responsiveness have been exceptional.”

Chuck Fuller, Chief Compliance Officer

Marry Delgasio Cisco Systems
General Electric  & IoT Engineer
"GE has bet big on the Industrial Internet — the convergence of industrial machines, data, and the Internet. Bellacom provides the service of putting sensors on gas turbines, jet engines, and other machines; connecting them to the cloud; and analyzing the resulting flow of data.
The engineer identified and remedied the problem, and impressed us all with his exemplary technical knowledge, professionalism, and ability to keep us informed and reassured.”
Evim Maru, Vendor relations 

Evim Maru Vendor Relations

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Logo
"The client-vendor relationship is very important to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, as the organization plans to have little in the way of in-house resources to support the technical aspects of operating the application. Bellacom conducted multiple reference checks, and we found  the interviews with existing Bellacom customers to be reassuring. These conversations established Bellacom background and experience with other non-profit organizations."

Pierre Laurent Boud
Operating Officer
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Frank Beazos City Manager