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Wireless LAN Solutions for the Enterprise
With the increased demand for mobility and the rapid adoption of smart devices, wireless networks are quickly becoming a critical component of network infrastructures across virtually every enterprise. But as these networks evolve, the cost and complexity of legacy controller based WLAN solutions are becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage and expensive to scale.
Bellacom Wi-Fi provides high performance wireless networking that scales to meet the demands of any enterprise. Bellacom ‘s next generation controllerless Wi-Fi architecture eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy WLAN solutions. Plug and play deployment and template based configuration simplifies WLAN implementation while Bellacom ‘s embedded WIPS technology eliminates network disruptions and blocks wireless threats.

High Performance, Secure Wi-Fi
Bellacom Wi-Fi delivers the only enterprise grade 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution embedded with the industry’s top-rated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIPS) capabilities in a single AP platform. By embedding the industry’s most robust WIPS security capabilities in every Bellacom AP, enterprises now have a truly secure enterprise class Wi-Fi solution without the incremental cost and complexity of deploying a dedicated overlay WIPS solution for full time detection and prevention of wireless threats. Additional capabilities include integrated firewall, traffic shaping and QoS capabilities for optimal security, bandwidth management, and application delivery.
Bellacom Wi-Fi offers multiple deployment options and a customizable HTML management interface, giving enterprises complete control and maximum flexibility in deploying and securing their Wi-Fi networks. Network administrators can monitor and managed all Wi-Fi networks including those in remote officer from a centralized console.
• High performance 802.11n Wi-Fi for bandwidth intensive applications
• Quality of service controls give priority to critical mobile applications
• BYOD device on-boarding for employee smart devices
• Embedded WIPS minimized network disruptions and protect corporate data
• Centralized administration to manage both campus and remote offices
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Protect Corporate Data, Minimize Network Disruptions
Bellacom Networks’ top rated wireless intrusion prevention system stops wireless threats in their tracks, protects sensitive corporate data and eases the IT burden for maintaining a robust wireless network. Unlike signature-based solutions that require manual inspection for virtually every detected device in your air space, Bellacom ‘s patented “marker packet” technology quickly and accurately identifies those connections that pose a genuine risk to your security then accurately locates any unauthorized access point or client on your floor map for quick removal. Zero false alarms, a robust reporting engine, and step by step troubleshooting make Bellacom WIPS an indispensable solution for wireless network security.
• 24X7 threat detection and classification
• Patented “Marker Packet” technology
• Automated threat remediation
• Accurate device location tracking
• Zero false alarms
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BYOD Onboarding and Policy Enforcement
The proliferation of personal smart devices and the BYOD trend is causing new security concerns for enterprise network and data security. Corporate users (e.g. employees, contractors) are accessing enterprise network and data, and bypassing corporate security controls using their personal Wi-Fi devices.
Bellacom ‘s patent-pending smart device fingerprinting and policy enforcement deliver a BYOD-ready Wi-Fi solution for any enterprise concerned with security. Bellacom ‘s BYOD on-boarding and quarantine capabilities prevent unauthorized devices from consuming corporate resources and stops data leakage through unauthorized personal smart devices on your network. Bellacom Mobile’s security agent allows administrators to define and enforce wireless connectivity policies on all approved smart devices in and out of the office, such as enforcing a VPN connection when using an unsecured AP out of the office.
• Provides wireless threat protection for mobile devices used at home or on the road
• Interoperates with Bellacom WIPS to enforce consistent mobile security policies
• Integrates with leading MDM solutions for device on-boarding and authorization
• Comprehensive logs of wireless connectivity behavior
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Stealth Cheetah Robot Sprints Like a Cat

Robots are likely not the first thing you think of when you hear the word "speed," but one group of researchers is trying to quell the stereotype of a lumbering robot with a machine built to move more like one of nature's quickest creatures — the cheetah.

Clocking in at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour (16 km/h), therobotic cheetah isn't quite ready to compete with its wild cousins, who can accelerate to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just a few seconds. But this four-legged robot could eventually reach speeds of 30 mph (48 km/h), according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).

Like a real cheetah, the robot is designed to build up to a full sprintquickly by moving its legs in tandem (i.e., its back legs move together, as do its front legs) — a pattern of movement known as bounding


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Connected Mobile Experience

Connected Mobile Experience

Bellacom's  Enterprise Mobility discipline is developing first-generation Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solutions in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). The ATC is outfitted with an 802.11ac, location-ready wireless infrastructure and...