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Wireless LAN Solutions for Education

Cost Effective, Easy to Use Wi-Fi
Many primary and secondary schools have embraced the use of networked course material and the Internet to enhance the learning experience, and the increasing ubiquity of wireless capabilities embedded in notebooks, tablets and smart phones creates increased demand for wireless access on campus. But, with limited budgets and lack of dedicated IT staff at each site, deploying and managing Wi-Fi across geographically distributed locations can be a major challenge. Bellacom Wi-Fi addresses this challenge by giving schools a hassle-free and cost-effective way to deploy, manage and secure enterprise grade Wi-Fi across one or more campuses.
• High performance 802.11n Wi-Fi to support e-leaning initiatives
• Guest Network capabilities for visitors
• BYOD ready networking and device on-boarding for student devices
• Quality of service controls give priority to school applications
• Embedded WIPS minimized network disruptions and prevent bypassing content filters
• Centralized administration to manage a distributed campus or an entire district
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Maximize Your E-Rate Budget
With limited budgets, schools don’t have the luxury of continually upgrading their networks to keep up with the pace of new technology. With Bellacom Wi-Fi, the cost and complexity of deploying and managing campus Wi-Fi is significantly lower than competing cloud or controller-based WLAN solutions. No feature based licensing and no hidden costs for required accessories.
Bellacom ‘s affordable cloud delivery model keeps your Wi-Fi up to date and virtually maintenance free. Software and firmware upgrades are managed by Bellacom ‘s operational staff, so your Wi-Fi investment is always up to date with the latest feature upgrades with no additional cost and no intervention on your part. And Bellacom ‘s robust cloud architecture can scale to support your organization’s future expansion and while making future upgrades possible without additional controller investments.
Bellacom further reduces the cost of deploying Wi-Fi by bundling both enterprise access features with the industry’s top rated WIPS in a single device. With Bellacom ‘s cloud managed AP and embedded WIPS, organizations get 2 solutions for the price of 1.
• E-Rate eligible Wi-Fi networking
• Affordable next generation architecture eliminates expensive controllers
• No feature based licensing
• No hidden costs
• Embedded WIPS included
• Budget friendly cloud pricing options
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Simplify WLAN Management
Limited IT resources require a network that is easy to install and maintain. Bellacom makes management of a distributed Wi-Fi network a simple process, even as new installations are added or maintenance personnel change. Bellacom APs are pre-configured for zero-touch deployment and simple plug-and-play provisioning. Bellacom ‘s template-based configuration model expedites deployment and ensures consistency across a single campus or across multiple sites, allowing new locations to be operational in minutes or reconfiguring already deployed APs without having to send dedicated IT resources to remote sites. Bellacom ‘s fully customizable HTML5 web interface provides complete visibility and control of the entire deployment. User-customizable dashboards and intuitive workflow eliminates the need for extensive training, improves IT efficiency, simplifies network management and shortens problem resolution time.
• Plug and Play deployment
• Template-based configuration
• Location base policy definition and enforcement
• Customizable HTML User Interface
• Remote packet capture and analysis
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Maintain a G Rated Airspace
To ensure compliance with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), most schools have implemented Internet filtering software to prevent minors from viewing adult content, visiting gaming sites, or downloading music files. With Bellacom ‘s top-ranked wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) technology bundled into its Wi-Fi solution, school administrators detect and block rogue APs as well as prevent students from bypassing Internet content filters by blocking unauthorized wireless access points in the neighborhood while on campus.
• 24X7 monitoring and enforcement
• Restrict unauthorized access to school resources
• Automatically remediate threats
• Eliminate network disruptions

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