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Secure Wi-Fi for Retail
Retailers have embraced wireless LAN technology to improve business efficiency, streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Bellacom Wi-Fi is the only cloud-managed Wi-Fi access solution device tailored for the multi-unit retail industry. Bellacom Wi-Fi is secure, simple to deploy and easy to manage, giving store operators more time to focus on customers.

Increase Efficiency, Improve Satisfaction
Bellacom Wi-Fi is the perfect solution for retailers looking to add secure Wi-Fi without jeopardizing their PCI compliance. Bellacom delivers the only cloud-managed, enterprise-class 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution embedded with the industry’s top-rated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIPS) capabilities in a single AP platform.
Centrally managed from Bellacom ‘s web portal, store operators can manage hundreds or even thousands of stores all from a single interface. Deploy value-added services over Bellacom Secure Wi-Fi to improve store efficiency and enhance the customer experience including line busting, mobile POS, in-store kiosks, and Guest Wi-Fi.
• Controllerless WLAN architecture minimizes cost and complexity
• Simple to deploy and manage with limited IT resources
• Guest Wi-Fi access with captive portal and walled garden
• Embedded WIPS satisfies PCI compliance
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Wi-Fi Analytics for Business Intelligence
Retailers can leverage Bellacom ‘s Wi-Fi analytics engine to gain visibility into Wi-Fi usage across their stores and use the intelligence to better engage with their customers and increase revenue. The analytics provides real-time information such as number of active Wi-Fi user devices, types of devices including automatic fingerprinting of smartphones and tablets, and Wi-Fi network usage. In addition, retailers have ready access to a rich repository of Wi-Fi analytics reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for automatic delivery by email. The analytics reports include trends about number of Wi-Fi user devices, their activity, the duration of associations across a specific store or group of stores and during specific times of the day or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Based on the business intelligence, retail marketing and operations departments can use Bellacom ‘s customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals for localized marketing, e.g., to push coupons, announce daily specials, and to encourage customers to register their information to participate in localized opt-in marketing programs. Emerging geo-marketing mobile apps could be integrated with Wi-Fi access to explore new ways of engaging guests.
• Real-time and historic Wi-Fi analytics across stores and times of interest
• Rich, customized in-store Wi-Fi experience for guests
• More loyal customers and increased revenue for retailers
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Ensure PCI Compliance
Whether or not wireless has been deployed, retailers must ensure that unauthorized Wi-Fi doesn’t compromise sensitive payment card data. Bellacom ’s secure W-Fi and WIPS solutions give retailers the industry’s top rated threat detection and blocking capabilities to go above and beyond the PCI compliance “checkmark” to protect your network and sensitive data from wireless data breaches.
• 24×7 monitoring
• Real time rogue detection
• Threat blocking and location tracking
• Preformatted PCI reports

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